Updating SureSync 8

Software Pursuits regularly updates SureSync to include new enhancements, features and fixes. Staying as current as possible with your deployed SureSync release is strongly recommend for the best possible experience with the software. The instructions in this article will describe the process of upgrading from one minor revision of SureSync 8 to another. For example, upgrading from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2.

When upgrading to a new release of SureSync 8, the Scheduler service will be removed. This must be reinstalled for your Schedules and Real-Time Monitors to run at the appropriate times after the upgrade. Please note the user account the "Software Pursuits SureSync 8 Scheduler Service" is running under before upgrading. You should reinstall the Scheduler with the same account to ensure the Scheduler has the appropriate rights in the SureSync database to launch your Jobs, Schedules and Real-Time Monitors

Steps to Update

Please follow the steps below to update SureSync 8 to the current version.

  1. Download the latest build of SureSync 8 (SureSync8Setup.exe) by clicking here.
  2. On the main SureSync machine where the full application is installed, stop any running Jobs, Schedules or Real-Time Monitors. Schedules and Real-Time Monitors should be placed on hold on the General tab of each item to prevent them from launching until the upgrade is complete.
  3. Close SureSync and any other user interface panels such as the Job Log Viewer, Detailed Status or Enterprise Status.
  4. There is no need to stop any SureSync related services; the installer will do that for you.
  5. Launch the SureSync installer (SureSync8Setup.exe) and follow the on-screen instructions. The first step will remove the old version. Your database and all of your settings will be maintained.
  6. Once the old build has been removed, the setup interface will launch for the new version. The installer will have automatically selected the installation type and path that was previously used on the machine. Continue clicking "Next" through the installer until the installation process begins.
  7. On any Communications Agent machines, run the installer and follow the prompts. The old version of the Communications Agent will be removed and the new version installed.
  8. Launch SureSync on the main machine. If you had a Scheduler service installed (almost all installations do), you will be prompted to reinstall the Scheduler. This must be done to allow your Schedules and Real-Time Monitors to launch at the correct times.
  9. Start your Schedules and Real-Time Monitors to resume your synchronization/replication using the new version.

Upgrade Notes

  • A reboot is not necessary to perform an upgrade as long as the instructions above are carefully followed. A reboot is only needed when a component is in use and none should be if all the processes are stopped as described.
  • Be sure to read the release notes before upgrading by clicking here. Often, the Communications Agents will be compatible from one version to another. This allows you to upgrade the Communications Agents in a staged manner. However, if compatibility is broken or if a new file locking driver is released (for environments running with file locking) sometimes all machines need to be upgraded at the same time. If this is the case, the release notes will state this.
  • If your environment uses SyncLockStatus, an upgrade to the SyncLockStatus clients could be necessary. Software Pursuits makes every effort to keep old versions of the SyncLockStatus client compatible with new versions to avoid having to upgrade the software on the end user machines. However, if SyncLockStatus needs to be updated this will be included in the release notes.