Your Job name is already in use. You must choose a different Job name.

The Group Folders feature enables a SureSync administrator to organize Jobs, Schedules and Real-Time Monitors into groups. These groups can have different security assigned to them restricting access to the Jobs to certain people. Multiple Group Folders are a common cause of this problem. A Job (Relation in v6 and older) name can only exist once in a database, even if the database contains multiple Group Folders.

If you have multiple Group Folders, expand each folder and check the Jobs subfolder under each for the specified Job name. Alternatively, you can click on a Schedule or Real-Time Monitor and then click on the Job tab. This tab will list all Job in the database.

Once you have identified that the duplicate name exists, you can either rename the existing Job to a different name or create the new Job with a name different than the one which is already in use.