Will a reboot be required when upgrading a Software Pursuits application?

Each Software Pursuits application uses a Windows Installer based installer. In general, no reboot will be required when an application is installed the first time.

SureSync 7 and newer

If you follow the instructions in the upgrade document or the update KB article (v9 here, v8 here or v7 here), no reboot will normally be required.

v6 and older

A reboot can be required if you're using the File Locking add-on. A note will be present in the version history if the file locking driver has changed. If it has, plan to update in a maintenance window where a reboot can be done.

Advanced Open File Support (AOFS) for SureSync 5

A reboot is required when updating the Advanced Open File Support (AOFS) Add-on. When drivers are updated, a reboot is always required.

The AOFS Add-on is only installed on Windows 2000 and Windows XP machines. For Windows 2003 and newer, SureSync takes advantage of the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) services built-in to Windows.

General Note

The Windows Installer engine will signal for a reboot any time a component which must be upgraded is in use. Following the steps in our upgrade documentation will ensure that everything is shut down and should avoid this issue. However, the potential exists that a reboot might be required when performing an upgrade. In the rare instances where a reboot is necessary, the installer will give you the option of rebooting or not rebooting. If you decide to not reboot, you will need to schedule a manual reboot to restore full functionality.