Website and ICM Performance

Factors that can affect performance.

Your website is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud service. This has very high speed connections and excellent reliability. It would be rare to have a performance issue related to the server hosting your website.

There are several factors that can result in you having slow performance:

  • A temporary load on our server. This can be as simple and the hard drive being busy with other activity. We never seem to run out of CPU power. We throttle back other disk activity and try to avoid placing other loads on the system. Sometimes that cannot be avoided.
  • A degraded Internet connection between our server and your location.
  • Larger images take longer to transmit. Many clubs have increased the size limits for their images, sometimes up to 4K screen sizes.
  • Transmission latency, which is an overhead item associated with each transmission. The greater the distance from our server, the slower the transmission. This is quite significant for very distance places, like the UK. Your server is located in the USA or Australia to make it reasonably close to your location.
If you use a “zoom meeting” to display images, do that with the ICM program instead of the website. When you cycle through a gallery of images on the website, you need to wait for each image to load. The ICM downloads the images in your competition locally so when you display the images they do not need to be transmitted and large files will not matter.

Very large images (more than 2MB) can be a problem when displayed on your website. A 10MB image will take seconds to display if your home connection is slow. While we support large images up to 4K pixels, performance will be much better if you stick to smaller images.