Watermarks on Images

Copyright notice is overlaid on some images

A watermark with a copyright symbol, ©, and the author’s name is painted over an image in certain situations. Watermarks are typically displayed on larger images in a small effort to discourage image theft or unauthorized use of an author’s image. 

  • Watermarks are never displayed when judging or voting on an image.
  • Watermarks are never applied to thumbnail images.
  • Authors can specify an option in their personal profile to restrict viewing of images to members. This option does not affect watermarks but affects if the image can display at all. The restriction does not apply to thumbnail images.
  • The “Manage Organization Profile” page has an option to suppress watermarks on all images when viewed by members.
  • Watermarks are not displayed when an author is logged in and viewing their own image.
  • Watermarks are only displayed on images more than 540 pixels wide or more than 400 pixels high.
  • An author can set an option on their personal profile to require or suppress watermarks on their images when displayed to members that are logged in.