User [domain\user] is not authorized to start [Real-Time Monitor\Schedule]

When you receive a User [domain\user] is not authorized to start [Real-Time Monitor\Schedule] message, it indicates the user account being used to launch the Job does not have permission to launch Jobs in the relevant Folder Security. 

When a SureSync database is created it starts with the following security:
  1. The user that created the database.
  2. The domain administrators group.
  3. The local administrators group.

Any additional users that need access need to be added to the security tabs of the folders in question on the desktop. All users that will be accessing the database need to have db_owner rights on the SureSync SQL database.

To correct the issue, launch the SureSync Desktop as a user that already has access to the database. Click on the relevant Folder and click on the Security tab. Correct the permissions and click "Apply."

Keep in mind that Group Folder Security operates like NTFS permissions. By default, all Jobs/Schedules and Real-Time Monitors under a Folder inherit security from the Folder. It is possible to turn that inheritance off on the Security tab. If you have done so in your environment, the permissions may need to be corrected on the Job, Real-Time Monitor or Schedule itself.