Members sending email from website

Permissions may be required for normal members.

While administrators and certain other roles can can always send email, regular members may have other restrictions.

To allow all members to send email:

  1. Use your website menu "Administration", "Administrators Only", "Manage Organization Profile". 
  2. In the "Options" section, check "Allow all members to send email". This eliminates the need for member to that the "Can Send Email" role.

If you did not select the option to allow all members o send email, you can identify specific people that are allowed to send email to other members of your organization. Note that most of the management roles have an implied assignment of the "Can Send Email" role. When you assign roles to a person on the "Manage Members" page, it will identify which roles have the implied role of "Can Send Email".

To give a specific person the ability to send email to other members:

  1. Use the website menu "Administration", "Manage Members".
  2. Click "Edit" for person of interest.
  3. Click "Edit Roles".
  4. Check "Can Send Email" to grant permission to email other members.
  5. Click "Update".