The SPILock8 driver, required for File Locking, is not installed.

After upgrading to SureSync 9 and removing SureSync 8, your File Locking enabled real-time monitors produce this error.

SureSync 8 and SureSync 9 use the same shared file locking driver. An error in the SureSync 8 installer in versions prior to 8.1.25 would incorrectly remove the file locking driver even though SureSync 9 was installed. This error was corrected in 8.1.25.

There are two options to correct this error:

  • Update your SureSync 8 installation to 8.1.25 before upgrading to SureSync 9. This ensures when you are ready to remove SureSync 8, it will not remove the driver.
  • If you have already removed SureSync 8 and are encountering the problem, run a repair on the SureSync 9 installation to reinstall the driver. To do so, launch Programs and Features. Click on SureSync 9 and select Change. Select Repair and click "Next" 3 times.