SyncStatus does not display locked files when using SPIAgent File Locking

SyncStatus only displays files which have been locked. The fact that SyncStatus is displaying no locked files indicates that file locking is not functioning. There can be a number of different reasons for this behavior:

  • Confirm that the Relation being run in this file locking Real-Time Monitor is Multi-Mirror or Exchanging Copies. File locking only functions with multi-directional rules.
  • Confirm that the file type in question supports being locked. A list of tested applications can be found by clicking here. This list is updated as we test new applications or customers inform us of test results.
  • Confirm that the paths in the Relation being run under the Real-Time Monitor is using agent references and local paths properly. File locking does not support the use of UNC paths. Click here for additional details on correct path usage with the SPIAgent.
  • Confirm that you have "Lock all open files" checked on the Options tab of the Real-Time Monitor. This is the option that turns on file locking support.