The system cannot find the file specificed. Unable to open the source file

In the Job Log, you may see the following exception:

- Exception -

Message: The system cannot find the file specified.
Unable to open source file.

A SureSync Job runs off a queue. A change will be detected and placed in the queue for processing. Throttles and limits exist in the system to avoid overwhelming the machines involved in the synchronization. For example, there are bandwidth throttles and a limit on the maximum number of file copies that can be active at a time on a particular machine.

When an environment is busy with many changes occurring, it is possible for a file to sit in the queue for a period of time waiting for its turn to be copied. This exception occurs when SureSync has an action queued, goes to copy the file and finds that the file no longer exists.

A common cause of this exception is a user deleting a file shortly after creating it.