SureSync cancels a Schedule or Real-Time Monitor after 500 warnings or 50 severe errors

SureSync will cancel a job after 500 warnings or 50 severe errors to avoid encountering error loops. Often, this represents an issue that needs to be corrected that will not go away on its own. For example, permission denied errors will not resolve themselves. These require the administrator to correct file system permissions so the account SureSync is running under has permission to the files in question. Our support team will be happy to assist you in determining the cause of a repetitive error messages.

Path loss and recovery messages are warnings and count toward the 500 warnings limit. If your environment has frequent path losses due to poor connections, you may need to increase these values.

The counters are reset to zero for each Job in a Schedule.

The counters are reset to zero every 4 hours if a Job goes idle. This is most common in Real-Time Monitors since Schedules rarely run that long.

To increase the number of warnings and severe errors before cancellation, you will modify the Options.xml file.

The default location for Windows XP and Windows 2003 will be:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Software Pursuits\SureSync9 (the number on the end of the folder will match your installed version)

For machines Windows 2008/Windows 7 and newer the default path will be:

C:\Users\Public\Software Pursuits\SureSync9 (the number on the end of the folder will match your installed version)

Your file location may differ if your operating system is configured to store the Documents and Settings or Users folder in a location other than the default. To edit the file, right-click on the file in Explorer and select "Edit" from the context menu. Add the following two lines within the <Options></Options> tags.



These settings reflect the defaults taken by the SureSync program in the absence of any settings in the Options.xml file. Once these are inserted in your Options.xml file, you may alter these to suit your needs. The initial values are set to those which we have determined to provide the best protection against error loops. If you experience undesirable results in SureSync after changing these settings, simply remove the two lines from your Options.xml file and SureSync will resume using the default settings on the next execution of the Job in question.