SureSync 6 Evaluator's Guides

The Evaluator's Guides provide step-by-step instructions for configuring common SureSync usage scenarios.



SureSync Evaluator's Guide The standard SureSync product is perfect for users looking to schedule replication between servers or PC’s that can be reached via UNC path, mapped drives, or even FTP.


SureSync Pro Evaluator's Guide The Communications Agent Add-on delivers additional features to the SureSync Standard product, giving users more control over how to connect with remote machines and more powerful features to enhance performance.
pdficon_small SureSync Collaboration Evaluator's Guide File locking enhances collaboration environments, allowing only a single read-write file copy to be opened. This allows users in remote locations to local file copies.
pdficon_small SureSync Collaboration - SyncLockStatus Evaluator's Guide SyncLockStatus keeps end users notified about file locking status when they attempt to open a file already in use and when that file becomes available. SyncLockStatus can be added to SureSync Collaboration or Ultimate bundles.
pdficon_small SureSync Collaboration - SyncLockStatus Client Reference Sheet Training resource for end users in collaboration environments where SyncLockStatus is deployed.
pdficon_small SureSync's ArchiveSync Add-on If you have the SureSync Ultimate Bundle or have licensed the ArchiveSync Add-on for another SureSync Bundle, you will want to review this guide to setup your disk-to-disk backups with intelligent archiving feature.