Status Web displays a "refused to connect" message when attempting to start or stop a Job

This article details the IIS setting that can lead to a "refused to connect" error being displayed when attempting to start or stop a Job in Status Web.

The start and stop dialogs in Status Web are displayed via an IFrame. The "refused to connect" error message is displayed when the website or browser has been configured to block IFrames.

IISStatusWebKBRefusedToConnectIn IIS, click on the Status Web web site and then click on HTTP Response Headers:


If an X-Frame-Options header is defined and has the value DENY, Status Web will show the "refused to connect" error.

Generally speaking, the industry's best practice is to set this header to SAMEORIGIN. If X-Frame-Options is set to DENY, switching it to SAMEORIGIN and recycling the site's Application Pool should resolve the issue. Depending on your preference, you can also remove the X-Frame-Options header entirely.

If the X-Frame-Options header in IIS is not set to DENY, the web browser is blocking IFrames which can be done via various plug-ins and security software.