SPIAgent Return code=0; Unable to initialize SPIAgent

If you encounter the SPIAgent Return code=0; Unable to initialize SPIAgent as you launch the SureSync desktop, this generally indicates that some other process on your machine is using one of the ports in SureSync’s port range. The most likely ports are 9002 or 9003.

One possible solution is to change the default port range used by SureSync from 9002-9033 to a different 32-port range or changing the port used by the other application or process causing the conflict. This is done using the SPIAgent Configuration Utility. The utility can be launched by going to the Start menu, selecting Programs, SureSync, and SPIAgent Configuration Utility. Please note that all SureSync and SPIAgent machines on your network must be configured with the same port range. The SPIAgent service should be cycled after making a port configuration change. Another solution would be to change the port(s) used by the competing application. Recently, we have become aware that Symantec Endpoint Protection may conflict in port usage with SureSync.