SPIAgent Return Code 210

Note: This article applies to obsolete versions of SureSync. We recommend upgrading to a supported release.

SPIAgent Return Code 210 indicates that the SPIAgent is unable to obtain a port within the SPIAgent port range. By default, this range is TCP 8002-8033 for SureSync 4 and TCP 9002-9033 for SureSync 5 and 6.

This message is caused by a couple of issues:

  • A firewall blocking the SPIAgent. Check your firewall configuration and ensure that the SPIAgentService.exe component is allowed through the firewall. In addition, you can configure a port range rule to allow the SPIAgent port range through.
  • You are running sufficient Relations, Schedules and Real-Time Monitors to exhaust the SPIAgent port range. Please see the KB article titled Expanding the SPIAgent port range to handle a large number of concurrent SureSync jobs for more information.