SPIAgent Return Code 203 encountered when clicking test for a SPIAgent in SPIAgent Setup

The SPIAgent Return Code 203 can be raised for a number of different reasons. The return code means that SureSync was unable to communicate with the SPIAgent on the remote machine that you are testing to.

Possible causes are:

  • Make sure that the SPIAgent service is started on the remote machine.
  • In Tools | SPIAgent Setup on the pull down menu titled "Select a computer from the list to edit its settings", the machine name listed there must be the actual NetBIOS name of the machine you’re trying to connect to. If you have used a name other than the NetBIOS name of the machine, delete that entry and add the machine again using the correct name.
  • You could also be missing the advanced user right "log on as a batch job" from the SPIAgent machine. Verify that this right is assigned to the account you have listed under "Default User ID" for the machine you’re trying to test to in SPIAgent Setup.
  • The final possibility is that there is a router or firewall somewhere between the main SureSync installation and the SPIAgent, which is blocking traffic on our port range of 9002-9033. Please make sure these ports are open on any hardware between the machines that might be blocking our traffic.

The Windows Firewall has become a very common cause of this error message. If you’re running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, or Windows 2008 and are getting this error then you should check to see if the Windows Firewall is turned on and if it is then you should configure rules to allow SureSync and the SPIAgent through the firewall.

Note: For SureSync 4.x the port range is 8002-8033.