SPIAgent action took longer than expected

Note: This article is for SureSync 6 and older. These versions are obsolete and we recommend upgrading to a new supported version.

In the job log, you can see errors such as:

  • SPIAgentItem.SPIAgent_GetSecurity took longer than expected
  • SPIAgentItem.SPIAgent_SetSecurity took longer than expected
  • SPIAgentItem.SPIAgent_CloseFile took longer than expected

These messages are logged to inform you that there was a performance issue with a particular action performed by a SPIAgent. These are not errors and are logged for informational purposes only. The action successfully completed when this message is logged but took an unusually long amount of time. If you get these messages frequently, it is recommended that you investigate the machine in question for issues such as:

  • High memory usage on the machine
  • High CPU utilization on the machine
  • Other performance issues