Reply All Cannot be Used in Email

Forums can be used for large group discussions.

As a general rule, we do not allow email addresses to be displayed to other members. This is to provide privacy and prevent spam messages. This is one reason we use blind copies. The other reason is that groups, like “members” may have more addresses than can be used in a “To” field.

Instead of creating emails where everybody can reply to everybody, you should create a forum topic. Members can subscribe to the forum or a specific topic. Each person can see the postings of others and can add their reply. Email notifications are sent to subscribers when a new message is posted.

Access forums using your website menu “Organization”, “Discussion Forums”. They are managed using “Administration”, “Manage Forums”.

Emails can be sent to people holding certain roles, like “Competing Members” or “Competition Managers”. You can also create custom email groups using “Administration”, “Administrators Only”, “Manage Roles and Groups”.