Registered Domain Names

You can use your own registered domain name with your website.

To use your registered domain name with your Visual Pursuits website, you need to do the following:
  1. Use your website menu “Administration”, “Administrators Only”, “Manage Domain Names”.
  2. Read the instructions on that page and then click “Add Registered Domain Name”.
  3. Read the instructions on that page.
  4. Add your domain name twice. Once with the www. prefix and once without.
  5. Update your domain name registration with your domain provider as instructed.
  6. Send a Support Request indicating you have updated your domain name registration.
  7. We will verify your have properly configured your domain name.
  8. We will create an SSL (security) certificate for your registered name and mark your domain name as the primary name.
  9. All references to your old Visual Pursuits domain name will be automatically redirected to your new name.