Missing Images

How to help find what happened to an image.

To investigate a missing image, we need the image accurately identified. The Image Id is best, but if not available, we need the exact title of the image and the image author’s name or User Id.

The system does not delete images except when the image author explicitly deletes them. Administrators and Competition Managers can remove images from a competition, but those are only links. They cannot delete an image belonging to another person.

When images appear to be missing from a competition, they likely were entered into the wrong competition. The author can verify this by locating the image in their Image Library and “spin down” the arrow to the left of the thumbnail to see where the image is used. A Competition Manager can use a Manage Competitions page to move a competition entry from one competition to another using the “Images” button for an Image list and the “Move” button on the image’s row.

When submitting images to a competition, if you fail to click the “Save” button from the “Edit Competition Entries” page, your images will be in your Image Library, but not in the competition. You will also not see the confirmation page that displays the images you entered into the competition.

An author can verify which images they have been submitted to a competition. Use the menu “Competitions”, “Submit Images to a Competition”. Select your competition and it displays your competition entries, just like when you initially submitted your images to the competition. If the competition is closed to new submissions, check the box to display closed competitions.