Missing Email

Email messages might not be received for several reasons.

The first place to check for a missing email message is your Junk mail folder. If you are storing your email locally you may also need to check the website version of your email as well. If you find a message in your junk mail folder from your organization you will need to mark the domain “SoftwarePursuits.com” as “not junk”. There is always an option for a “white list” for email that should always be allowed. This should prevent messages from being delivered to the junk mail folder.

It is also common for people to mark email from organizations as spam. If a member does this for email from your organization, our email service respects that selection and blocks all future email to that person. This is part of anti-spam laws that we must follow. 

We use an email service from SendGrid to send email from our websites. We send about 100,000 messages per month to about 10,000 users and there are always a few that people mark messages as spam.

A member can reset the “spam” flag that is blocking delivery of email by logging into your website and using the menu “My Account”, “My Account Settings”. There is a button to reset the “spam” indicator.

It is also possible that an Internet provider for a recipient’s email will reject messages, thinking they are spam. There should be no reason for such rejections as we follow all the security and identification protocols. Website email messages, however, have one unusual aspect. All messages are sent from NoReply@SoftwarePursuits.com, but the “Reply To” address is for the person sending the message. This method is used to avoid a “message relay”, which would nearly always cause a message to be treated as spam.

If an Internet provider rejects email as spam, there is little we can do, but subscribers can contact them for help and provide the information above.

This message is sent using our corporate email service using Office 365 from Microsoft. This message is also from SoftwarePursuits.com, so our domain name is not blocked. Any Internet provider issue would be related to messages from our SendGrid service.