Membership Expirations

You will normally assign a membership expiration date for your members.

Each member has a “membership expiration date”. This is a date when their membership will technically terminate. A “grace period”, however, is configured by default to allow the membership to stay active during the grace period following membership expiration. The grace period is specified on the Manage Organization Profile page.

If you specify the membership expiration date as 1900-01-01 or check the box for “Life Member”, membership will never expire for that person.

If you setup automatic renewals with a PayPal button, the payment of dues can automatically increment the membership expiration date when payment is received.

If the membership expiration date and grace period are passed, all membership roles are removed from the account and the account becomes a “guest” account. The account still exists with a link to your organization, but the person is no longer a member. While they can login to your website, that does not grant any access to member areas.

Website judges are typically non-members and will have a Guest and Judge role with your organization.

You can view non-members on your Manage Members page by checking “Guests/Non-member” in the search criteria at the top of the page. You can easily edit their account and make them members again.

If you use the “Delete” button for a person on your Manage Members page, you are not deleting the account. Instead, you are deleting the link from that account to your organization. This will remove the membership roles, as well as any guest or judge role. The user account will still exist and membership in other organizations is not affected.