SureSync launch is very slow; processes launch slowly

Please note: This article applies to obsolete versions of SureSync. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade your environment to the current supported release.

SureSync components are code signed using an Authenticode digital signature when they are released. These signatures verify that the code came from Software Pursuits and that the code has not been modified by a third party. Additional details on code signing can be found at Code signing is strongly recommended by Microsoft and is required to achieve Microsoft Logo Certified status. Authenticode signatures are an important security measure that ensure you’re running code that came from Software Pursuits.

When you launch an application which has been code signed, Windows will attempt to access the Internet to verify the digital signature. In most instances, this is done quickly and is not noticeable. However, if no Internet connection exists and your .NET Framework installation is not up-to-date, you may experience lengthy load times - especially on the first launch of the product because Windows will spend time attempting to validate the digital signature.

SureSync 5.0

SureSync 5.0 uses the .NET Framework 2.0. A Microsoft HotFix is available to address this verification issue in the 2.0 Framework. Details on the hotfix can be accessed here. We recommend running with .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 which can be obtained by clicking here. This ensures you’re running with the latest fixes and improvements. In theory, this service pack also includes the HotFix for the signature verification issue. However, we have seen some customers continue to experience this problem on this version.

If the problem continues on the .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 then install the .config files provided in the attachments of this article to turn off signature verification. This will eliminate the delay. To install these files, download the file from the attachments section of this article. Stop all running Relations, Schedules, and Monitors and the SureSync Scheduler and SPIAgent 5 Service services. Unzip the contents of the file into the SureSync Program Files directory and allow these files to overwrite any which might already be present. By default the Program Files directory is C:\Program Files\Software Pursuits\SureSync for 32-bit machines and C:\Program Files (x86)\Software Pursuits\SureSync for 64-bit machines. Once the files have been replaced, restart the SureSync services and then your jobs.