Job, Schedule or Real-Time Monitor displays as running in the Desktop and cannot be cancelled

When attempting to stop a  Job in the SureSync desktop, you can receive an error that says "unable to send the cancel request to the job. The job may not be responding or it may no longer be running the job". This status persists even when the SureSync desktop is restarted or the machine is rebooted. The job does not actually synchronize any files while stuck in this state.

This problem surfaces when a job has either hung or crashed unexpectedly. If the job is terminated in a manner like this, it cannot signal to the Desktop that it has stopped. The status on the Desktop can be cleared by performing the following actions:
  • Stop any currently running Jobs, Schedules, and/or Real-Time Monitors.
  • Launch Task Manager and look for any remaining SyncFiles.exe processes. Ensure that you have selected to "Show All Users".
  • If there are any, end process on them.
  • Go to the View menu and select Refresh.

Once this process has been completed, the Job should no longer show as running. You can then restart the Job to resume processing of files.

Please note that in versions older than SureSync 6, Jobs were called Relations.