Introduction to Visual Pursuits

Outline of our service for new organizations.

A good introduction to our service is found at To get a better understanding of our service, please watch some of the training videos that are accessed via the Help menu on that website or any Visual Pursuits website.

Once you have a basic understanding of how the system works, we encourage you to create a free trial website to test out the features and discover the huge number of features available. Send us a Support Request from your Help menu to upgrade to a Premium Trial Subscription, which enables the full feature set. 

"Best Practices" for creating and managing your website and competitions are illustrated in the videos. In most cases, the default values for options match the usage by most organizations. Keep in mind that new features are added regularly, and the layout of pages may change from what is seen in the videos.

Once you want to switch to a paid subscription, we just update your subscription. Your trial website becomes your production website. Send a Support Request if we need to extend your trial subscription. You need to be confident we will meet your needs before switching to a paid subscription.

If desired, you can keep your existing website and just use your Visual Pursuits website for your competitions. You can place links on each website to reference the other. Your Visual Pursuits website, however, can be customized, especially with a Premium subscription. Few organizations keep their old website and simply use the Visual Pursuits site.

If you have your own domain name, you can use that name with your Visual Pursuits website. You need to configure this on your Visual Pursuits website and then update your domain name registration to point to the new website.

Use the Help menu on your website to review recent changes, view support videos, review subscription options, and to submit support requests. Administrators can view your Visual Pursuits subscription status and make payments using the menu "Administration", "Subscription Status".

Use the "Visual Pursuits Wish List" forum to suggest new features. Use the "Visual Pursuits Users Forum" to communicate with other organizations to share topics common to many organizations.

If you have questions that are not covered in the videos or if you have any difficulty, please submit a Support Request so we can help.