Installer error code 2337

The 2337 installer error is generic and can mean a number of different things:

  1. .NET Framework Corruption: If your .NET Framework is damaged or out of date, this can cause these errors. I recommend a repair on all the frameworks on the machine.
  2. A failed partial install: Bring up Add/Remove Programs and make sure there isn't an entry for SureSync 7. If there is, remove it and retry the install.
  3. Clean out tmp and temp folders: Sometimes the contents of temp folders can cause a problem. Try cleaning those out and retry the install.
  4. Ensure the SYSTEM account has full control to the C:

The most frequent cause of the error is by far #1. In cases of significant .NET Framework damage, it is sometimes necessary to run the .NET cleanup utility available from Microsoft at to completely remove the .NET frameworks and do a complete reinstall.