Image Size

Guidelines for sizing images.

The file upload page contains a button, “Instructions and Restrictions on Uploading Images”. The page that displays contains information on image sizes.

You are encouraged to upload an image with pixel dimensions up to the maximum size that might be used in any competition. Members might belong to multiple organizations or images might be forwarded to an external competition. Each destination might have different specifications.

A copy of each image is downsized, if necessary, to comply with a competition size limit. This size image is used when judging or voting on an image. This is the size downloaded with the ICM program.

When viewing images on the website, the image will usually be sized up or down to fit in the browser window. If your image is small, any upscale action might cause the image to be degraded. This does not happen in judging or voting mode. 

High resolution monitors (nearly all monitors nowadays) also use a “zoom factor” to magnify images and text. Images are scaled up to match the magnification specified by your operating system for your monitor. To ensure the most accurate display, we will send more pixels to the computer to avoid artifacts from the magnification process.

If you right-click and save an image that is displayed in the browser, you will get an image that has been sized to fit the browser window and may not be the size of the original image. When judging and voting we constrain the pixels sent to the browser to match the competition restrictions. In other displays, including Competition Results, we use whatever pixels are available to provide the best display possible for the browser size and monitor zoom factor.