Image Missing from Competition

Images may be missing due to a user error.

When you submit an image to a competition, the last page displayed shows the images you submitted to that competition.

You can return to the “Submit Images to a Competition” page at any time to see the images you submitted. If the competition is already closed, you need to check the box to display closed competitions.

When and author thinks images are missing from a competition, it can be due to these possibilities:
  • They never submitted the image.
  • They submitted the image to the wrong competition.
  • They deleted the image after submitting the image to a competition.

An author can see where an image has been used by viewing their Image Library. Click the “spin down” arrow to the left of the thumbnail to see where the image was used.

A competition Manager can move a competition entry from one competition to another by using the "Images" button for a competition on a "Manage Competitions" page. Use the "Move" button next to the thumbnail of the image.