Job Folder security for the administrators group does not resolve without UAC elevation

SureSync's Job Folder's have security settings that define what users and groups are able to perform various actions such as launching Jobs or viewing status of Jobs.

Windows systems with UAC enabled will not grant adequate rights for a program like the SureSync Desktop or Enterprise Status to resolve group membership within the Domain Admins group unless the program is launched elevated via "Run as Administrator."

This means that you can encounter a situation where you're running as an administrator account and do not have access to SureSync because the program being launched cannot determine that administrators group membership.

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  • Right click on the SureSync Desktop or Enterprise Status icon and select "Run as administrator."
  • Configure a group in your Active Directory that contains the user in question that is no the Domain Admins group. For example, a group named SureSync Administrators. Assign this new group the appropriate access on the Security tab of the Job Folder, Real-Time Monitor, Schedule or Job in question. This group lookup will succeed without the program being elevated, allowing access for the user.