Export Competition Data and Images

You can export from your website and the ICM program.

Competition data can be exported using the “Images” button on a Manage Competition page on your website or with the “Import/Export” tab of the ICM program. Using the ICM program is the most flexible and efficient. There is a video on exporting with the ICM program that can be accessed via the Help menu on your website or the Help tab of the ICM program.

The exported file includes competition data from groups or individual competitions. If you created a Competition Group for each competition year, you could select the Competition Group to select all those competitions at once. You can also select multiple competitions individually with the ICM program.

Many organizations want to review their competition data each year, especially if they want to re-evaluate Competition Levels for their members. Open the exported file with Excel. You can then easily sort and filter the data. You can add extra columns with formulas to create “points” for competition entries and awards.

If you need to export competition images, you will need to ensure they have been downloaded by the ICM program. You cannot export images from the website. Usually only the most recent competitions will have the image files downloaded by the ICM program, but you can adjust this with parameters on the Synchronize tab.

To export a group of full-size images that are not already grouped in competitions, use the ICM program:
  1. Create a new competition to hold the exported images.
  2. Set the maximum image size to the system maximums.
  3. Set submissions to come only from other competitions (unless you need images that are not yet in competitions).
  4. Use the process used for “Annual Competitions” to submit images from existing competitions to another competition. There is a video on this. You can select specific images or select by awards.
  5. Close the competition.
  6. Synchronize the ICM program.
  7. Select the competition with the ICM program.
  8. Use the Import/Export tab and export all images in the competition.