Expanding the SPIAgent port range to handle a large number of concurrent SureSync Jobs

Note: This article applies to SureSync v6 and older. These versions are unsupported and you should consider upgrading to the current release.

The SPIAgent has a default listen port range of 9002-9033. These are the ports that you would want to have open in your router or firewall by default. This range is a wide enough range for most installations. However, there are instances where opening a wider port range can help with connectivity problems. For example, each real-time monitor will use up a port in the range while it is active. It is highly rare have enough real-time monitors running to exhaust this 31 port range but if you are the range would need to be made wider in order for additional schedules or monitors to run. Also, if you have a number of jobs running and are having connection failures it is possible for the SPIAgent to reestablish connection on another port in our range. The old port will be timed out by Windows and then made available again. However, if you have a number of jobs, a number of connection problems, and Windows hasn’t had time to make the old ports available you can run out of available ports in the range which can lead to connection problems. In this instance widening the range of ports would also help.

To widen the port range you will want to go to Start | Programs | SureSync | SPIAgent Configuration Utility on each machine running the SPIAgent components. All machines must have the same range listed or conflicts will be created. Where it says "TCP Listen Range" you would want to make the second number larger. For this example we’ll say 9063. This makes 30 more ports available. The range now reads 9002-9063. Once these changes are made on every machine stop and start the SPIAgent service on all machines and then test your configuration.