Error 1024 Violation of primary key constraint

Error 1024 violation of primary key constraint is a database error. SureSync uses an Access or SQL database to store items such as job log records and file history for multi-directional rules. In addition, the database stores configuration information for your Relations, Schedules, Real-Time Monitors and other important SureSync related information.

A violation of primary key constraint error is most often caused by a problem processing some action related to file history in the database. These errors should not happen and could require assistance from Technical Support to fix. To resolve this issue, you should do the following:

  • Check the version of SureSync you are running by launching SureSync and consulting the version on the splash screen.
  • Search our Knowledge Base for the Version History of the version of SureSync you are running. Search for "violation of primary key constraint" to see if a known issue has been resolved.
  • If there is a known fix for violation of primary key constraint in a version newer than what you are running, you should upgrade your environment to the current release. Instructions can be found by searching Updating in our Knowledge base and selecting the article for your version of SureSync.
  • Once upgraded, monitor for the error. If the error continues, please contact our support team.