Create a Member Account Manually

Membership Managers can create new Visual Pursuits accounts.

Users should always create and manage their own accounts. Exceptions should be very rare. The information entered will be more accurate and will eliminate any work required by your organization.

There is a video available on the login page for creating and managing your own account and requesting membership. There is a separate video for judges, who do not need to be members but must have an account.

To grant membership to an existing account, do the following:
  1. Use the website menu “Administration”, “Manage Members”.
  2. Click “Select Users Requesting Membership”.
  3. If your new member is in list, select them.
  4. If the person is not listed, click “Add Member”.
  5. Read the pop-up message displayed and click “OK”.
  6. Fill the the email address for the new member.
  7. If the email address is found, that person already has an existing account which will be linked as a new member of your organization.
  8. If the email address is not found, fill in the form fields to create a new account for the member. 
  9. An email message is sent to the new member telling them that they are now a member of your organization.