Council and Regional Organizations

Competition submissions can be accepted from member organizations.

To create competitions with submissions from other organization you normally would to create a new website for that purpose that represents the organization hosting the competitions. This is common with camera club councils and regional competitions. These organizations do not use direct member submissions, but submissions from other organizations.
The subscription for these websites is based on the number of images, not membership. This is usually equivalent to a 50 member subscription for that website. Participating clubs would submit images from their Visual Pursuits websites. If they do not have a website, a free site is available for each participating club to use for making submissions.

If you are setup as a council or regional group, you would define "member organizations" that can submit images to your competitions. Your organization is referred to as a “parent organization”. Submissions from non-Visual Pursuits subscribing organizations could incur additional per-image charges if there are a lot of images. You are not be affected by the member count of other organizations.
There are videos on creating and managing competition submissions from other organizations. These are accessed via the Help menu on your website.

Each submitting organization needs to setup a free submission website, if they do not already have a Visual Pursuits subscription. Once a submitting website is created, the parent site needs to use the menu “Administration”, “Administrators Only”, “Manage Member Organizations” to add a reference to the member organization. You then need to submit a Support Request to signal that the member organization needs a free submission subscription.
Member organizations maintain their own member list on their website. Their members can upload images for the competition, but a Competition Manager for the member organization usually makes the submission to the parent organization competition. The member organization can also collect images from members any other way they want and a Competition Manager can upload the images. There is a video specifically for member organizations on how to make their submissions.
The members of the member organization do not get membership records in the parent organization.
Once setup, the process is reused each year. Participating clubs just need to update membership and submit new images.

Competition results are displayed on the parent organization  and the member organization website in the normal manner. The names of the image authors and their own organization are displayed.