Competition Image Order

Images are sorted by a computed random number.

When an image is added to a competition, a unique random number is assigned to the competition entry. This number never changes and is used for sorting images by “random” order. The same number is used on both the website and the ICM program.

During website judging, a judge can drag and drop thumbnails to change their order. This order is preserved in a separate list for each judge. That order is called a “rank”. When judging is complete, a composite rank order is computed from the order of images set by all judges. You can sort on this computed rank value, usually to assign awards to the top images.

In the ICM program you can also drag and drop thumbnail images, however that order is not preserved once you leave the judging page. None of the sorting performed on the judging page is preserved.

To sort images for display in the ICM program you set options on the Show Style. There are several options there. The system provided styles illustrate the most common displays, such as displaying winners by award and score, or displaying randomly (using the assigned random number) for critiquing.