Competition Dates

The different dates associated with competitions.

The dates used by a competition are related to each other and must be in a specific order. 
  1. Open Date and Time – When images may start to be submitted to the competition
  2. Close Date and Time – When images may no longer be submitted. Voting starts at this time. If voting is not used, judging starts at this time.
  3. Voting, Voting End Date and Time – voting is not allowed after this time. Judging starts at this time if voting is used.
  4. Competition Date and Time – This is when an organization meeting would be held to display the images. Website judging should be complete before this time, but ICM judging would occur at a meeting.
  5. Competition Meeting Duration – This duration is added to the Competition Date and Time to compute when competition results can be displayed on your website.
The display of competition results can also be suppressed with an option on a Manage Competitions page.

When you change certain date values on a Manage Competitions page, other dates are immediately altered on the page to ensure the sequence of dates follows the rules above. Nothing is saved until you click “Update”.