An agent request was received that was intended for a different machine. Expected destination=ServerA, received by=ServerB

When SureSync connection to a machine, it checks that the machine name matches what is defined on the Computer record in the SureSync Desktop.  This ensures that SureSync has arrived at the correct machine.

There are two possible configuration issues that could lead to this error:

  • The machine name was incorrectly defined in the SureSync Desktop. To check this, expand Computers, expand Servers or Workstations and look at the machine name defined for the computer in question. The name defined here must be the Computer Name defined on the machine. If the name is incorrect, you will need to delete the Computer reference and add it again with the correct name. If the Computer is referenced in Jobs, you should add the new Computer record first and correct the paths in any Jobs before deleting the incorrect Computer record.
  • The DNS name or IP address defined for the Computer record is incorrect and points the a different machine. In the SureSync Desktop, expand Computers, expand Servers or Workstations, expand the machine in question, and expand Listen Configurations. Click on the first Listen Configuration and click on the Options tab. Correct the IP address or DNS name entered in the "Default Access Name" field and click the "Apply" button. Repeat for the 2nd Listen Configuration, they should both have the same name defined.