Action suppressed. File and folder have the same name.

"Action suppressed. File and folder has the same name." warnings are logged in the job log when running a synchronization.

This message indicates that a file and a folder with the same name in the same folder exists on two or more of the machines being synchronized. The NTFS file system will not allow this. This often happens when non-Windows users access the folders and create files without an extension. Windows will also allow a file to be created with no extension if the user has Windows Explorer configured to display extensions and then the user deletes the extension when renaming the file.

The problem arises when a user on one machine creates a folder. For example, the user creates a folder named New Documents. On another one of the machines involved in the synchronization a user has created a file named New Documents with no extension in the same folder that the other user created the folder. This creates a conflict when SureSync attempts to synchronize the paths. This warning most often occurs the first time that a new directory structure is being synchronized.

The easiest way to resolve the issue is to rename the file in question so it has an appropriate extension.